Battle Pass: Season 3

2020-08-18 12:57:18


Here it comes — the third season of Battle Pass is already in game. This global event will take you to an adventure to mars, which has already started on Nintendo Switch. Participants will have to complete different tasks, reach different levels and get "Armageddon" armour set. Apart from this, you will also open personal crates, obtain achievement and enjoy endless personal progress with various rewards. 

We remind you that everyone can try out the event - rewards for the first 10 levels are available to everyone. However, you will need full access to make the most of the Battle Pass and gain the most valuable prizes.



The Battle Pass offers 50 personal progress levels, each of them yields a reward: permanent and temporary weapons, ammunition, VIP boosters, achievements and much more!

Are you unsure of your strength? Challenge yourself in the free trial version of the event which brings guaranteed prizes up to level 5. By reaching level 5, you can get a stylish permanent pistol of the "Phobos" series. Great start for an impressive weapon collection!

Apart from the arms mentioned above, you will have an opportunity to acquire powerful permanent guns and cold weapons:

Weapon series "Phobos"

SAP6 Фобос
SAP6 Phobos
M60E4 Фобос
M60E4 Phobos
ПП-2000 Фобос
PP-2000 Phobos
ОРСИС Т-5000 Фобос
ORSIS Т-5000 Phobos
Нож-бабочка Фобос
Butterfly Knife Phobos
Glock 18C Деймос
Glock 18C Deimos
Kriss Super V Custom Фобос
Kriss Super V Custom Phobos

Camo Series "Deimos"

"Deimos" camo for MPA 930DMG
Камуфляж Деймос для VHS-2
"Deimos" camo for VHS-2
Камуфляж Деймос для SAP6
"Deimos" camo for SAP6
Камуфляж Деймос для Uzi Pro
"Deimos" camo for  Uzi Pro
Камуфляж Деймос для AT308
"Deimos" camo for  AT308

Moreover, players will be able to grab a unique "Armageddon" armour set. Its looks will help you make any victory memorable and legendary!

Set "Armageddon"



Equipment and other items are not the only rewards you can get. For players who like to prove their skills to themselves and others, we have prepared a set of achievements: 4 badges, 12 marks and 4 stripes are waiting for their heroes!

Космос будет наш
Нет времени объяснять
Майор Том
Тайна четвертой планеты
Армагеддон: Начало
Время - деньги
Проще простого
Вместе навсегда
Абсолютная власть I
Космический юнга
Огромный скачок для человечества
Космический матрос
Участник турнира «Армагеддон»
Временные трудности
Космический офицер
Бронза турнира «Армагеддон»
Вооружен до зубов
Серебро турнира «Армагеддон»
Космический адмирал
Золото турнира «Армагеддон»


In seasonal crates received for levelling up, you will find weapons worthy of a true warrior: permanent "Phobos" and "Deimos" guns or temporary weapon models. Grind your enemies into dust!

M249 Para
M249 Para "Deimos"
Honey Badger
Honey Badger "Deimos"
Saiga-12С "Deimos"
DSA SA58 SPR "Deimos"
Micro Desert Eagle
Micro Desert Eagle "Phobos"
Icebreaker "Deimos"
M240B "Deimos"

There is a guaranteed permanent weapon mechanic: if you get just temporary rewards from 24 seasonal boxes in a row, then the 25th is guaranteed to credit you with a permanent gun! Plus, permanent weapons won’t repeat: in other words, you’ll always get a new model.

This global event will last for several months. We will tell players about the ending date in a dedicated article.

See you in combat!

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