FAQ recap - October

2020-11-06 11:32:37


Once a month we will publish a console FAQ containing relevant questions we've answered from the past month. If you follow our official Discord or Reddit pages, you have probably seen them before. You can ask your questions on Discord in the #consoles_feedback channel, or on our latest Reddit FAQ post.  

  • Where is crossplay?
    We are not ready to share exact dates since development is still underway. As soon as we’re happy with the result and have a concrete answer, you’ll be the first to know!
  • Will you change SED?
    There won’t be any separate changes to the SED class on consoles. If balancing to SED occurs on PC, then these changes will be carried over to consoles in due time. We are aware of your complaints and are paying close attention to this class.
  • Once crossplay is released will the Nintendo Switch version of WF still get updates at a later date than the other consoles?
    No. One of our goals with crossplay is to have all of the consoles update simultaneously.
  • When will we hear more about Warface on the new console generation?
    At the moment we can tell you that the game will be backwards compatible. At first it will be a port, but later we might use some of the new console’s features to better the graphics and/or user experience in general.
  • Will the shop have a refund system in case of accidental purchases?
    Not in the near future. But if you purchased a weapon by accident, you can contact our support staff to get your Kredits back. We recommend doing so immediately after the purchase.
  • Can we expect new WF$ items soon?
    We plan to add new boxes and weapons for in-game currency on a gradual basis. And we’ll be announcing the dates for such updates in advance, so stay tuned!
  • Can the item rotation in the shop be more varied? We're often getting the same items week to week.
    We'll take note of this request and see what can be done. Let us know what you’d like to be added to the shop!

Fresh answers to your burning questions are coming soon, stay tuned! 

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