FAQ - December 18th

2020-12-18 13:03:24


From now on our bi-weekly FAQs for the console community will also be posted here, on our official website! 

  • Will Nintendo Switch users be able to play at 60 fps?
    Due to the technical specifications of the console, we are unable to offer this feature currently.
  • Will we be able to acquire skins for WF$ like on PC?
    We’ll think about it, we aren’t against this idea.
  • Why don’t you offer full-fledged beta tests of large features such as Crossplay for example?
    The differing technical requirements on the consoles make it hard to host such tests yet.
  • Will we see WW2 weapons?
    It all depends on the demand of the players. If it’s high enough, why not!
  • Will you add the ability to acquire resurrection coins for WF$ or Crowns?
    We can’t promise anything, but it is a possibility.
  • Why do such Special Operations like “Mars” and “Anubis” rotate less often than other missions like “Pripyat” and “Sunrise” for example?
    Some Spec-Ops are necessary for getting certain platform specific achievements, which is why they can rotate later than other operations.

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