FAQ - December 30th

2020-12-30 13:57:15


Here's the last FAQ of 2020, short and sweet. 

  • The Buckled Lupara is a very weak weapon. Do you have plans on changing it?
    Yes, it will be reworked. It was meant to be a secondary weapon, however, due to an error it ended up in the primary slot.
  • Will we ever have the option to change clan names?
    Not soon, but such an option is very much open for discussion.
  • Why do we see achievements for weapons we don't have?
    Some of the weapons are available only for Battle Pass participants. In the future we might have certain weapon series appear in other activites. However, the delay between them appearing in the BP and popping up in a different event will be big.
  • Will players be removed from matches for having a bad connection?
    Such a system is already implemented into the game. We are working on modifying and upgrading it.
  • Why not just add skins for every weapon to the shop?
    Why not indeed. Time will tell.

See you next year! 

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