FAQ - January 28th

2021-01-28 21:57:23


The first FAQ of 2021 includes plenty of answers.

  • Will you update the menu interface?
    Yes, we do have plans for it. We'll share more info closer to release. We can't share exact dates yet.
  • Will you update planting\defusing the bomb animations?
    Expect it in one of our upcoming large updates.
  • AN-94, IWI Carmel, PP-19-01. When will these guns come to consoles?
    We're aiming at the first half of 2021
  • Will you add clan races? 
    Currently we're reworking the clan system. Once we're ready to share this info, you'll be the first to know!
  • Can you stop players from using keyboard and mouse on consoles? This isn't fair.
    We've stated before that the Xbox and PlayStation consoles support the use of mouse and keyboard, therefore it isn't against the platform's rules. As for the use of third-party software (e.g. emulators) not supported by Sony or Microsoft, players with them are practically identical to experienced players with a regular gamepad. This is one of the reasons we're working hard on improving and optimizing the AA (aim assist) system. It's goal is to better the user experience for players of any category, while maintaining the competitive aspect of the game.
  • About the new crossplay feature. When will we be able to add friends to our clans from different platforms?
    Unfortunately no exact dates at the moment. We're working hard to make crossplay the best it can be. So we ask you to be patient and keep sending us your feedback - it helps greatly!
  • Many of us encounter freezes and disconnections from certain maps. Any estimate on when this will be fixed?
    We are aware of these issues. Unfortunately this isn't something that can be fixed with only a couple of patches. But we're trying our best to fix these problems as quickly as possible.
  • Will you add a trading system? Like the one that was on PC.
    Website-services have shown a very low effectiveness rate for the console community. But we're thinking of a way to integrate a similar system into the game itself.
  • Will you keep changing and balancing aim assist?
    Of course! We're paying very close attention to it's usage and are always working on improving this system.
  • Can we expect an event similar to the one in December - when users could acquire a TEC-9 box for completing PVE missions?
    You certainly should. Stay tuned for news coming soon! 

We hope you find this information useful!  

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