Regarding next Battle Pass season

2021-07-29 09:12:39


For the last few months, we’ve been monitoring the situation in the game and collecting various data you provided us with. We are grateful to every player who did their best to share their opinion — we appreciate your devotion to the game! 

We’ve analyzed recent major updates, data, and feedback, and came to the conclusion that the recent content doesn’t meet our quality standards and cannot provide a decent gaming experience. Moreover, some players can’t normally progress through the Battle Pass as the game sometimes does not work the way it should. Technical issues ruin all the fun.

This is why we have decided to postpone the next major update, which also includes the new Battle Pass season. We estimate that it will take approximately a month after the end of “Swarm”.

It was a tough decision as we know that players love global events, but we put quality before quantity. 

During the next month, we will work on quality of life improvements, do our best to mitigate freezes and crash-related issues, and solve some of the major problems players could encounter in the game. We believe that this “break” between the activities is necessary for the team to introduce a better product, which will live up to players’ expectations. 

Please note: the postponement of the BP has no impact on minor updates and fixes — two different development teams are working on them separately, so all the updates will be delivered on time. 

It also doesn’t mean that there will be nothing to do in the game: some activities and novelties are on the way, so you’ll definitely find something to your liking!

We will keep you posted and informed about all upcoming changes.

Stay tuned!

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