Agent "Whirl" already in game!

2022-02-03 11:36:34


It's time to expand your arsenal and get ready for a new adventure. The brand new agent is here to make you even stronger as well as introduce some new guns! Meet "Agent Whirl". 


Agent "Whirl"

Rebecca Morton was born in an immigrant family and spent all her childhood in an impoverished neighborhood on the outskirts of London. She pickpocketed here and there, hijacked cars, but only once was caught by the police for vandalism when she spray-painted the local police station with profanities and so got into it that didn't notice the approaching "bobbies".

Her father gave up a lot of money to save her from prison. In the end, as a penalty, he arranged for the girl to be accepted into the infantry. Oddly enough, Becky liked the army service, and the girl even volunteered to serve in one of the hot spots, from which she returned with several medals and a few injuries.

Having hardly recovered, she applied for a position in SAS. However, due to her criminal past and rebellious personality, she was denied. The following year, Becky filed a new application. And another one. And again. During the fourth time, she was lucky: there were few applicants, and the girl was sent for tryouts. During the test, the strongest storm began, but the command decided to continue, and as a result, three candidates were killed, and the only person who went through was Becky Morton. Once part of SAS Becky participated in many armed conflicts, where she proved herself thanks to her innate resourcefulness and fearlessness, and in just a couple of years she became the commander of a special group.

Thematic contracts

Complete the contracts and get cool and powerful "Englishman" OTs-14 Groza as well as a chance to get your hands on a new agent skin set! 


Good luck!

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