Console F.A.Q. Recap — February

2022-03-01 11:17:57


We are back with the answers to the most frequently asked questions - check them out!

Q: Can you give us the same shop as PC?

A: PC and Consoles versions of the game are quite different (as well as the audience) so is the range of items as well as rotations are unlikely to be the same. However, we'll do our best to provide the same event shop rotations as on PC, so that the players on all platforms can enjoy them. You could already see the same shop rotation for the Lunar New Year (better late, than never :D). Anyway, feel free to share your suggestions regarding items you would like to see — we’ll discuss it with the team!

Q: When will “Heist” appear in the game?

A: We are terribly sorry, that the Heist special operation was postponed and didn’t appear in the game in 2021, as was promised. The team faced an optimization issue, which made the operation unplayable. We hope that the problem will soon be solved and “Heist” will appear in Warface.

Q: When will you fix the silent defuse issue?

A: It took time to mitigate the bug, and the fix will finally be installed in one of the upcoming updates. We appreciate your patience!

Q: Are there any plans on adding a modification system to consoles?

A: After releasing the mod system on PC, we took time to gather and analyze players' feedback and internal stats. Unfortunately, the system didn't manage to fulfill its initial purpose, this is why we took a decision to rework it before introducing it to consoles. Hopefully, the new version of the system will get released on both PC and consoles this spring, please stay posted!

Q: Remove repair cost entirely or increase rewards from pvp and pve by 50%

A: During the last few months, we were carefully monitoring this issue, as well as your feedback. We have some plans on reworking the system, but it can affect the economy of the game in many ways, so we need to make sure that all the changes will keep the game balanced. We are in the process of coming up with the best solution and I will post an update when there is any.

Q: AA is too strong, please make it better!

A: A dedicated survey regarding AA in game was posted on console-related channels. Players could leave their feedback before the end of February. We will share the results with you after the survey is completed!

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