Aim Assist in game: Survey Results

2022-03-21 14:36:15


We conduct regular surveys, aiming to gather your feedback and fine-tune the game development to make your gaming experience more comfortable and exciting. Recently, we have seen a lot of feedback regarding Aim Assist in the game: some players thought it was too strong, while others thought that it was not working properly. Thus, we carried out a survey on our Discord server, and we are grateful to everyone who took part in it and shared their thoughts. Even though some of the reactions were obvious, we still found out some new details and managed to reach more players than usual. We have thoroughly studied the feedback, and are ready to share the results with you

Let’s start with some numbers: 

  • The total  amount of players who took part in the  survey is 437.
  • Most of the participants mainly play PvP (78%) — where the advantages of AA have a bigger impact on the result of the match than in PvE. 
  • 71% of players would like to have the aim assist in the Ranked Matches (23.6% want it only if it's reworked).
  • When analyzing the overall AA experience on consoles, we found out that the opinions were divided into several groups: 54.4% have a positive experience with using the aim assist in Warface on consoles, 14.3% don’t like it all, while other participants have mixed feelings about it.

Top opinions regarding AA: 

  • Players using mouse&keyboard are the most mentioned problem in the survey so far — many players believe that AA helps them fight on equal terms. As for gaming on consoles using M&K, the device emulation is provided by third-party software that is developed without the approval of Sony or Microsoft. If connected successfully, the devices will be detected by the consoles as a gamepad, making it difficult to track users using a keyboard and a mouse for gaming. Unfortunately, we cannot detect players who use m&k while playing since we don’t have any technical ability for it. However, if you face players violating the game rules, you can contact our technical support team and provide screenshots or videos proving the use of third-party software or devices.
  • Also, lots of players think that AA is too strong, especially when it comes to aiming at the enemy’s head — “it happens immediately and gives riflemen (and sometimes engineers) an unfair advantage.” Both these classes can kill an enemy in 2-3 seconds, taking into account the fact that the shooting range of rifles and SMG is on a decent level. Because of the issues mentioned above, other classes face a lot of difficulties during the matches — we’ll consider this feedback while planning future changes of the system.
  • Another popular opinion: players on Nintendo Switch state that they should have a stronger AA on their platform as it has lower specs than other consoles, and players feel that it needs to be balanced by tuning the aim assist. We will definitely collect and analyze all the data regarding aim assist on different platforms.

What’s next? 

Aim Assist is one of the most complex in-game mechanics at the moment. It considers a lot of parameters, and every minor change into the code can have a great impact on someone’s gaming experience. From what we've gathered, 71% of players would like to see AA in the Ranked Matches. 

We see all the feedback players share on our social media pages, however, we need to analyze various aspects of the game in order to make a decision regarding a complex system like aim assist. Another important point is that we’ve already tried turning AA off in RM and we’ve seen quite the opposite: lots of players were actively asking to turn it on. We made some tweaks and did as players asked us to do. At the moment we are not ready to remove aim assist from ranked matches, but we are willing to make is more comfortable for our players, and this is the reason why we asked you to take part in this survey. 

All the opinions and reviews mentioned above are already forwarded to the development team and will be considered while reworking the system. That is why we encourage you to share more videos of the situations where the way aim assist works leaves much to be desired or needs some tweaks. All the opinions and suggestions will be forwarded as well.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who took part in this survey — your opinion really matters to us!

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