April Update - Heist Special Operation already in game!

2022-04-15 15:32:51


We are glad to present you the new update. Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie with themed content! It features heaps of novelties such as a new Special Operation. We have also made some important technical tweaks and a number of bug fixes. Naturally, there is much more content waiting for you. Hurry up to check out the changes in the game!

Main New Content

Special Operation "Heist"

In the new special operation, you’ll have to pull off a full-blown bank robbery and destroy data that mustn’t fall into the hands of General Lee Warton. "Heist" is a mission for two partners, who with the help of new cable mechanics will move along the bank building, open three storage facilities with increasing levels of difficulty, while simultaneously fighting the police and special forces and, of course, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action-packed thriller.

We created a thematic set of achievements for the new special operation, which can be earned by completing "Heist".

Themed Safe House

The guards of the bank, which you will have to rob during the new special operation, train in the Safe House. The Safe House is decorated with themed elements and looks pretty realistic. "Parkour" training is also updated. The location got new easter eggs, which reveal new details of the plot. Will you be able to find all of them?








Technical changes

Improving the situation with "freezes"

Technical problems with "freezes" have the utmost priority in our work. We direct a lot of resources to investigate the situation and find a solution. In the proccess of analyzing the problem, we found several reasons that might affect the appearance of "freezes". In this update, we have prepared a solution for part of the cases and have already implimented it into the game client. The rest of the changes are work in progress - we’ll tell you more about them in the future.

Please assess these changes and share your feedback in the comments - this will help us in the next stages of solving the issue. We’re continuing to investigate the situation, studying feedback and technical data. We will also be gradually implementing new solutions that can solve problems with "freezes".

Crouch/stand up command improvements

We know that some players continue to abuse the mechanics of frequent crouches, receiving a bonus to shooting accuracy during the execution of the "crouch/ stand up" commands. To make it unprofitable for players to spam these commands, we have made additional changes. Now the shooter will receive a bonus to accuracy only in the "crouch" position. While the player is in-between commands, neither bonuses nor penalties will come into effect. This will make the "crouch spam"  ineffective and useless.

Improving the "bloody" effect upon impact

You may be familiar with this situation: there is an active shootout, you make a shot, you see blood on the opponent, but the game does not count the damage and in the next frame you’re dead. This is confusing - there was blood, but the damage was not counted. Why? The truth is that the  mechanics are not perfect  - the game client processes the information independently and compares it to the server, which leads to these misunderstandings. We want to improve the mechanics in this update. Below we explain how this used to happen before we implemented the changes.

  1. First, you receive a fatal shot, but you don’t know this, because the game client has not yet got this information from the server.
  2. Almost at the same time, with a delay of a few milliseconds, you shoot at the enemy (on your client's side). You see the shot on your screen, and the information which is about to be sent to the server for verification.
  3. Next comes the step of confirmation (validation) of the shot from the server. At this stage, the server has already received information about your death, which happened a frame earlier, confirmed it and sent it to you.
  4. A moment later the server has processed information about your shot, but rejected this event (since it happened later) and sent the corresponding data.
  5. You sequentially saw two types of events:
    • the client's view of the events: the fact of your shot happening, it hitting the enemy (later, as it turns out, it being too late), the "bloody" effect on the opponent's body;
    • the server view of the events: the initial death of your character, hence the impossibility of receiving damage, the lack of the "damage cross" indicator when shooting at the enemy and then the death frame. The absence of the "cross" of damage is due to the fact that its display now depends on the server's information, and not the client,  like it used to be before improving mechanics in one of our previous updates. 
  6. The exchange of information "from client to server to client" takes milliseconds, the same amount of time passes in-between these events. In short, all of the described steps occur so quickly that it may seem as if they are fixed at one point in time. However, this is not the case: there is a slight delay of a couple of milliseconds between the client's and the server's outcome. During this time, the client manages to display the result that was rejected by the server - this causes misunderstanding and frustration.

Now, the server will be responsible for the permission to draw the "bloody" effect upon impact like it happens with the "damage cross". In other words, "blood" and "damage cross" now reflect the actual fact of inflicting damage, validated by the server, and not the speculation of the game client before the server checks the shot.

In addition, we have improved the "bloody" effect for shotguns. Now every pellet will have its own effect - blood drops. In this way, you will be able to better understand which part of the pellets hit the enemy, and which missed the target. If all the pellets hit the enemy, the effect will be most obvious - there will be lots of blood, and if some of them missed the objective, each pellet will cause separate blood splashes.

In-game Improvements

Equipment Presets

Now the player can create and save up to three equipment sets (weapons, camos, skins, gear, additional ammunition, and weapon charms). There are special tabs in the Inventory. By switching between them, you will open the saved sets. The choice and configuration of equipment is no different from the usual actions.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some causes of game client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the installed achievements were not saved if at least one of the set elements (a badge, a mark or a stripe) was not selected and the slot remained empty.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the weapon pick was not saved if the player changed camouflages or charms on the arm.
  • Fixed a bug due to which players could silently plant/defuse bombs. 

Weapons and gear

  • F90 MBR, VSK: fixed a bug due to which the animation of weapon reloading could be missing in the third person view.
  • Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven "Pirate" and VSK "Chitin": fixed a bug due to which the weapons had an attachment to be instaled, which was absent in the regular version.
  • Guerrilla Sniper: fixed a visual error due to which the textures of the suit on the shoulder were displayed incorrectly.
  • "Gorgon" Squad, Elite "Gorgon" squad: fixed a bug due to which on the post-match statistics screen the hair of the model changed its color to black.


  • "Pripyat":
    • fixed some visual artifacts in locations;
    • Act 1: fixed a bug due to which the player could get stuck in the textures of the fallen rack.
  • "Sunrise" (Hard): fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the portable shield was not destroyed after taking damage from grenade launchers.
  • "Black Shark": fixed an unintended advantage which prevented bots from attacking the player at a certain point.
  • Mars (Act 1): eliminated an unintended advantage due to which the player could occupy an advantageous position between the rocks and attack the boss from the cover.
  • "Blackwood" Operation: fixed a bug due to which a mine would explode twice if it was destroyed by a shot at the moment of its activation.


  • Interface: fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the button for extending weapons in the Inventory was not activated.
  • Interface: fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the player could not activate camouflages on weapons in the Inventory.
  • Fixed a visual error due to which unrealistic values were displayed on the reward timer after the completion of a special operation if the mission was started in a private room.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player could see through the smoke cloud.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the game currency counter displayed incorrect values after restarting the game client.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the pop-up window for choosing further vendor items to unlock was not displayed after the end of the match.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the renewal dialogue window of the spent consumables was not displayed after completing a match in a private room.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the user could not close the chat by clicking on any free space.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, item descriptions could be displayed in empty additional ammunition slots in the Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the special "Smuggler’s Card" offer was displayed incorrectly.

Have a nice game!

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