TEC-9 PvE Event

2022-07-07 07:46:17


To shorten the waiting time for the upcoming large-scale seasonal update, we're launching a new PvE event. It is already live and will end on July 14 with the server maintenance.

By completing PvE missions on Normal and Hard difficulties, you'll be getting TEC-9 boxes. Thus, you will have a chance to expand your arsenal with this great weapon!


The TEC-9 is a Swedish-American made 9mm semi-automatic to fully-automatic handgun. It is known for having poor accuracy, but what it lacks in accuracy and reliability, it more than makes up for with firepower and easy modification transfer to full auto mode.

Please note: Special Operations won't award you this box. The event is active only for regular PvE missions on the Normal and Hard difficulties. 

Good luck for you and see you in the game!

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