Improving Matchmaking Waiting Time

2022-08-30 13:12:41

Hi friends!

We have noticed that a number of PvP modes and maps have a very low pick rate. We know how upsetting it can be to wait long while searching for a match. Our primary goal is to make the gaming experience more comfortable for you by reducing the time you need to find a match. So, not to split the matchmaking queues, we want to reduce the pool of available maps and modes, rotate some of them biweekly and add the rest of maps occasionally as an event. We expect that the changes will go live till the end of the month. 


What PvP maps and modes will stay in the game?

User preferences and high popularity among players are our main criteria when deciding which maps to include in the rotation. Thus, such popular maps as "D17", "Residence", "Blackgold 2.0" or "Widestreet" will stay. But not all locations are favoured by players and not everyone is ready to spend their free time on them.

Most Popular Maps that will Remain in Quick Play on a Permanent Basis

Plant the Bomb: D17, D17 Modern.

Team Death Match: Hangar, Street Wars.

Blitz: Residence, Hawkrock.

Free for All: Widestreet.

Capture: Construction.

Storm: Blackgold 2.0.

Battle Royale: Exclusion Area, Mojave.

We plan to rotate the less popular maps in Quick Play every two weeks. However, these maps will remain available on a permanent basis in Ranked Matches and Custom Rooms.

Biweekly Rotation List

Team Deathmatch: Airbase, Dock, Cemetery, Farm Sunset, Phantom Zone Convoy, Highway, Truck Parking, Downtown, Oil Depot.

Plant the Bomb: Bridges, Bridges Modern, Gas Station, Yard, Destination, Destination Modern, District 2.0, Palace, Pyramid, Pyramid Modern, Factory, Trailer Park.

Bag and Tag: Coliseum, Exclusion Area, Icebound.

Free for All: Sanctuary, Bunker, Train, Motel, Downtown, Forest.

Capture: Deposit, Vault, Longway, Ruins.

Storm: Black Mamba, Blackwood Base, Invasion, Highhill.

Some of the maps in the game duplicate each other, for example, "Bridges" and "Bridges Modern". The ultimate plan is to have only one version of the map on a permanent basis, and to add the second one on a seasonal basis or during events.

The majority of thematic maps (like Cemetery, Xmas Oil Depot, Bedlam, Red Sand, Residence Xmas etc.) will stay and will be added to the game for particular events and holidays the way it was done before.

What will happen to the rest of the maps?

We plan to remove the rest of the maps with the lowest pick rate (including the modes "Domination" and "Destruction"), but that doesn't mean that you will never see them again. The maps can return to the game on the event basis. Moreover, we plan to rework some of them and add new ones.

We'd like to point out that each of the maps has a chance to return to the game within a time-limited event. We will consider the in-game stats, all possible options and your feedback, and will adjust the rotation list if needed. 

We have announced our plan in advance to collect your suggestions, and we'll be grateful if you share your thoughts about it in our social media!

See you in the game!

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