Update - 23.12.2022

2022-12-23 12:56:40


An update has been installed on the game servers. You are in for new festive contracts, Molotov, tweaks to weapon specs, mods for legendary weapons, and important bug fixes.  

New Content

Festive Contracts

The game now offers four festive contracts. By completing them, you can get the long-awaited Molotov Cocktail, which will add some fire to your combats and bring unique gameplay and tactical features to the game. Rewards include a festive NY Sphere Charm to cheer you up and add some Christmas spirit and a Random Box containing the H&K G36 Assault of the new "Present" series.

Winter Rage
Christmas Ornaments
Winter Brawl
Winter holidays!


The Molotov is already in Warface! After the explosion, the fire covers a small area for several seconds while the enemy caught in it endures repeating damage. The Molotov is equipped into the same slot as the frag grenades — you can equip either a frag grenade or the novelty when getting ready for battle.

The Molotov is currently not allowed to use in Ranked matches. We will monitor your feedback about the novelty and will make a decision about its inclusion later.

Present H&K G36 Assault 

A weapon decorated for Christmas and New Year is the best gift for a Warface player.

Content Changes

Upgrades and mods of legendary weapons

The legendary guns are making a comeback. The AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom, and CDX-MC Kraken can now be upgraded and have mods installed! With mods, they become worthy opponents, even to the latest models. Furthermore, the models' basic specs have been slightly improved as well.

Learn more about the changes

Weapons and Gear

  • AK-15 Custom, M4A1 Custom, KAC PDW, AS Val Custom, OTs-14 Groza, IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, Mateba Autorevolver: increased head damage multiplier (from 5 to 6).


  • Increased damage (from 87 to 90).
  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 5 to 6).

IWI Galil ACE 23

  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 4,8 to 6).

K&M Arms M17

  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 5,8 to 6).

Desert Tech MDRX

  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 4,7 to 5,5).

H&K VP9 Match

  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 3,4 to 4).

Makarov Pistol

  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 3,75 to 4).

JS 9mm Custom

  • Increased damage (from 77 to 80).
  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 3,65 to 4,05).

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

  • Reduced aiming accuracy.


  • Increased damage (from 425 to 505).
  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1,15 to 1,32).
  • Increased arms damage multiplier (from 1,25 to 1,32).
  • Reduced camera shaking when not aiming.

Barrett M82A1

  • Increased damage (from 433 to 515).
  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1,13 to 1,3).
  • Increased arms damage multiplier (from 1,23 to 1,3).

CDX-MC Kraken

  • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 80 to 180).
  • Increased damage multipliers (from 1/1.02/1.02 to 1.15/1.25/1.25 body/arms/legs).

Kriss Super V Custom

  • Reduced recoil.
  • Increased leg damage multiplier (from 0.9 to 0.95).

Typhoon F12

  • Increased firing range (from 4 to 4.8).
  • Increased head damage multiplier (from 3.75 to 4).

AK Alpha

  • Increased damage (from 82 to 85).
  • Increased damage multipliers (from 4.6/0.9/0.9 to 6/1/1 head/arms/legs).

Kel-Tec RDB-C

  • The Trinity mod: reduced damage penalty (from 72 to 60).


  • Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 65 to 175).

Mauser Kar98k

  • Increased body damage multiplier (from 1 to 1,1).
  • [UPD] Will be available in one of the upcoming updates: Heavy Frame mod: increased damage bonus (from 70 to 145).

Neutron KX9-EX  

  • Slightly reduced recoil.


  • The current Battle Pass season has been extended until January 3rd.
  • Changed the animation of falling bodies after death.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug due to which the game froze when picking up a weapon of a player who left the match.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, after losing the connection and reconnecting, the player ended up in the "Training" instead of the main menu.

Weapons and Gear

  • Fixed a bug due to which kills made with some series weapon versions did not count towards the progress of certain achievements.


  • Fixed a bug due to which the crosshair was displayed when calling the settings menu during a mission.

See you in the game!

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