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2022-12-31 08:38:16


2022 is almost over, and it was filled with exciting in-game activities and events. Check out the year's recap and read the article to see everything you can do during the winter holidays!

Year Results

Increased Server Rates

Enjoy more WF$, XP and VP on the following dates:

  • Happy Holidays 2x Rewards: +100% from 15:00 UTC, December 23rd, until 11:59 UTC, December 26th.
  • Happy Holidays 1.5x Rewards: +50% from 12:00 UTC, December 26th, until 11:59 UTC, December 30th.
  • Happy New Year 2x Rewards: +100% from 12:00 UTC, December 30th, until 11:59 UTC, January 2nd.

Winter Festive Contracts

New Year Festival Contract

The "New Year Festival" contract will create a festive mood, as well as allow you to replenish your arsenal with cool weapons and equipment for 30 days. Play on winter maps and complete contract quests to earn the Candy Knife, Aggressive Christmas equipment, Gingerbread Gun, Christmas Firecracker, and other festive items, plus 1,000 parts as the ultimate reward.

The contract is already available and will last till 14:00 UTC on January 15, 2023.

Festive Contracts

The game now offers four festive contracts. By completing them, you can get the long-awaited Molotov Cocktail, which will add some fire to your combats and bring unique gameplay and tactical features to the game. Rewards include a festive NY Sphere Charm to cheer you up and add some Christmas spirit and a Random Box containing the H&K G36 Assault of the new "Present" series.

Winter Rage
Christmas Ornaments
Winter Brawl
Winter holidays!

Festive Login Streak

The 11-day login streak is activated in the game. Continue to log into the game and obtain "Glacier" series weapons, Snowballs, Christmas gift boxes and a Mega VIP Booster. Please note that if you do not log in the game for three days or more, the streak will be reset for you.

The streak will be available till the first maintenance in January 2023.

Ranked Matches: "New Power" Season #2

The second Ranked Matches season dedicated to the "New Power" season has already kicked off.

  • The season will last till the 11th of January.
  • You will fight on the maps of "Plant the bomb" game mode and Blitz except for "Platform".
  • The standard progression is on.


Social Media Activities

07.12.2022 – 09.01.2023

Fragmovie Contest. Join our Reddit community and post your very own Fragmovie for a chance to win a regular shop weapon of your choice or a VIP booster for 7 days!

08.01.2023 –28.01.2023

Holiday Retweet Contest. Enter the festive retweet contest to win cool weapons from the "Tundra" series! All you have to do is to retweet a tweet and follow our Twitter account.

02.01.2023 –07.01.2023

Get any Weapon for a Comment. Write a comment with the name of your favorite weapon for a chance to actually get it into your Inventory. The more comments you leave, the more chances you get!

May your wishes come true and enjoy the holidays!

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