Game Update - 17.03.2023
This update brings the Mongoose Agent Set, festive contract to mark St. Patrick's Day, a new contract for parts, a fix for broken checkpoints in some PvE missions and the Special Operation "Anubis" and more.
2023-03-17 12:07:26
Ranked Matches: "Side by Side" Season #2
The new season sports the standard progression and updated rewards: temporary weapons of the "Lucky Rabbit" series, a box with the "Baroque" Kunai Knife, a "Baroque" skin for the Kunai Knife, as well as unique achievements and a Baroque Helmet Charm.
2023-03-09 12:08:13
Super Warface 3D and new contracts already in game!
Play the "Super Warface 3D" game, get a payment bonus, earn a special mini-game store currency and add cool items to your arsenal! And don't miss the new contracts!
2023-02-24 12:42:23
Content Creators Spotlight
A new issue of the Content Creators spotlight is here! Enjoy the best videos made by the members of our partnership program.
2023-02-24 10:46:01
Update - 22.02.2023
In this update, there are a bunch of bug fixes and a sneak peek at the upcoming content. Read on!
2023-02-22 11:19:10
Guide to bug reporting
Contribute to the game improvement and get rewarded!
2023-02-21 14:34:43
Update — 16.02.2023
Changes to Special Ops rewards, crafting weapon system expansion, technical changes to speed up matchmaking in some regions, and the possibility to play 1v1 in custom PvP rooms.
2023-02-16 09:42:27
Soon: Spec Ops Reward Tweaks, 1v1 and More
During the upcoming server maintenance, we are going to tweak rewards for some special operations, expand the crafting weapon system, and add the possibility to play 1on1 in custom PvP rooms.
2023-02-15 13:29:29
Warblog - February 13th
A new issue of Warblog is here. Check out the recap of the most important game news of the week.
2023-02-13 15:59:43
Happy St. Valentine's!
The most romantic day of the year is nearly here. Celebrate St. Valentine's Day in Warface! Read on to learn more about festive activities we have prepared for you.
2023-02-10 15:31:14