Ranked Matches: "New Power" Season #2
The second Ranked Matches season dedicated to the "New Power" update has already begun. Read on to learn more about new rewards and updated achievements and rush into combat!
2022-12-12 13:29:20
Update - 08.12.2022
This update brings a festive music theme, winter maps, bug fixes, and a new themed contract with holiday items and parts. Read on to find out the details!
2022-12-08 12:00:00
Holiday Fragmovie Contest
Holiday is coming, and it's time for our traditional fragmovie contest! Join our official Reddit community and post your entry for a chance to win a regular shop weapon of your choice.
2022-12-07 13:50:15
Agent "Oscar" now in Warface!
A new agent has joined the ranks of operatives in the seasonal update "New Power". Meet Andrew Herrera, aka Agent "Oscar", and read on to learn his story!
2022-12-02 10:39:39
New thematic contracts already in game!
Today, new contracts have become available in the game. Complete tasks and get new items into your inventory — thematic football-related content. Read on to learn more.
2022-12-02 10:35:36
Warface Advent Calendar
Check our Social Media platforms every day and get small gifts until December 25th!
2022-12-01 12:43:43
Warblog - November 28th
A new issue of Warblog is here. Check out the recap of the most important game news of the week.
2022-11-28 13:25:24
Black Friday in Warface
A new contract for the Black Friday as well as the Super Warface 3D mini-game are now live in Warface! Hop in a get cool rewards!
2022-11-25 10:08:02
Update - 24.11.2022
The new weapon progression system — modifications — is waiting for you in this update along with other changes. Read on!
2022-11-24 10:34:34
Content Creators Spotlight
A new issue of the Content Creators spotlight is here! Enjoy the best videos made by the members of our partnership program.
2022-11-22 15:21:51