Happy Valentine's day!

2022-02-11 13:12:21


The most romantic day of the year filled with love, tenderness and warm hugs is nearly here. Take part in St. Valentine's Day activities: complete themed contracts, enjoy festive rates, prevail in a special Ranked Matches season and participate in festive activities on social media. Let Cupid take over and fill your heart with the festive mood in Warface! 

Thematic Contract

For fighters who are in love with the game, we have prepared a thematic contract with unique prizes such as festive "Love Knight" gear, Valentine camos and boxes with powerful weapons.

Ranked Matches

A special season of Ranked Matches has already kicked off. Take part in breathtaking combats and get plentiful rewards including powerful weapons. Hurry up to earn them all! 

Increased Rates

Love is in the air and rates are in the game! Enjoy increased rewards for battles until 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 18th of February: you will be getting 50% more WF$, XP and VPs! Do not miss out on this festive boost and do not forget about Happy Hours - the bonuses add up!

Festive Shop Update

The game store will offer cool thematic items including boxes with the Pinkie Micro Desert Eagle and other festive articles. Some models will be available for WF$. Add a pinch of romance to your formidable armoury! 

Please note that the images below serve as an example for the shop assortment and do not demonstrate all the available items.

Social Media Activities

Create the proper atmosphere for the holiday by taking part in festive activities on our social media. 

  • DiscordScreenshot Contest. Take a screenshot of something you LOVE in Warface and post it in the #contests channel on our Discord server.
  • Reddit20k milestone giveaway.  Special giveaway will soon start on our Reddit page! Write your IGN, name of a gun you like and wait for fortune to choose you!
Love is in the air, get a lungful of it, and fight for it if you have to!

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